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Our Story

Since being born in Woodland in September 2021, Baysidejoy has been committed to helping women feel beautiful. We firmly believe that beauty is eternal, it touches our senses and hearts in a unique way, and every generation is eager to feel the power of beauty. In this ever-changing world, Bayside adheres to some core values that will never change.

Baysidejoy's mission is to empower women to be beautiful. Fashion trends are constantly changing, but Baysidejoy always maintains a unique style. We've witnessed the rise and fall of many icons to today's red carpet stars. However, Baysidejoy remains steadfast in its commitment to making beauty accessible to every woman, celebrity or not.

Baysidejoy has been owned and operated by generations whose caring vision of shared beauty influences everything we do. This family heritage has made Baysidejoy the women's choice.

Ladies come to Baysidejoy to look perfect and feel beautiful. We accompany them through every important moment in their lives, whether it's prom, graduation, the big interview or the first kiss at the wedding party. We understand how important these moments are to women, and it's our mission to help them bring out the best in them. Although time has passed, those precious memories will always be engraved in my heart.

Found it today at the Baysidejoy store. No matter where you are, Baysidejoy will bring you a unique beauty experience.

In Baysidejoy's view, some things should never change. We stick to this belief and create a unique beauty experience for every woman. No matter how the times change, we believe that beauty is eternal, it can touch the heart and change the life.

Baysidejoy will continue to provide every woman with the opportunity to be beautiful and confident based on the core values we believe in. Please let me know if you have any specific questions or need further assistance.